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Blog Wandering

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Explore Blogs Visually

Blog Wandering is a free tool that allows you to explore a blog visually and to discover new ones:
you choose a blog from which to start, and you get a visual representation of it.
Then you can click on any user you see and explore the blog she/he owns, if any.
This way, you... wander through the blogs.

Discover new blogs

You can discover new blogs, whose topic is usually similar to the one of the blog you started from, but also talking about different topics.

Understand your users better

You can understand better the relationships between the users of your blog, and maybe offer them better content.

What blog users you see

What you see on the map, as shown in the image below, are users commenting to posts of other users or putting a like to a user's post.
You see an arrow from a user to another one if the first user wrote or gave a like to the second one, which is the author of a blog post.

Blog Wandering - discover blogs from blog commenters
Blog Wandering supports blogs with multiple authors. If multiple authors are found you'll see multiple "islands" of users, each one with an author at its center.


You can choose the number of posts analyzed. You can select to analyze the latest posts or posts starting from a date (a date picker will appear).
You can choose to show commenters only instead of seeing commenters and people who gave a like.
You can choose to show only users with a web address, i.e. users which can be double clicked to open their blog.


You can open a blog by double clicking on a user.
You can find all the other commands in the online help.
Don't you know any blog? You can use the take me to a random blog button.

Limitations and other

Blog Wandering currently works with self-hosted blogs and blogs

Blog Wandering doesn't host any content, what you see comes from the blogs you request to explore.

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About Us

Blog Wandering was created by Francesco Cipriani. You can find him at his twitter account.

Francesco was a SYSOP (SYStem OPerator) years ago, running a BBS (Bullettin Board System) where people exchanged messages.

Times have changed, but people continue to exchange messages, this time in the wonderful world of blogs, in the form of posts and comments. And Francesco has thought a way to make blogs more easily discoverable: Blog Wandering was born.

Write Us

You can write us at

if you are writing us to ask us to add a blog to our example list, please remind that we will not add adult content blogs (blogs with text, images and videos that contain nudity, offensive language, and adult subject material). In any case, we reserve the right to add or not to add the blog you suggest.
Once added, we reserve the right to remove the blog you suggested at any moment for any reason.

Blog Wandering


Modes and left click

SelectClick loads the user specified and old users are deleted unless they have been clicked
Keep AllClick loads the user specified and new users are added to existing ones
DeleteClick deletes a user
SpotlightClick selects a user. More clicks make the user select users around her/him, then users pointing to her/him, then users pointed from her/him

Other commands

Right clickOpens the user profile if available
Double click/double tapOpens the URL associated to the user clicked
Click on empty space + hold and moveDrags the user map
Shift + drag userMove a user without making the auto-layout work
Shift + mouse overHide all users but the user under the pointer and the nodes around her/him
Mouse wheelZoom in/out
Take a snapshot of the current view